Spotify Playlists To Fuel Your Coding And Design Sessions

Some like it loud, others need some steady beats to stay focused, others calm tunes. A while ago we asked on Twitter1 and Facebook2 what music the web community is listening to when coding and designing.

The answers were as diverse as the community itself and certainly too good to live an existence only in a Twitter discussion. That’s why we’ve compiled those hand-crafted playlists, favorite artists, and loved soundtracks in this article to see which tunes fuel the web, and, well, first and foremost, to provide you with some new ear candy to get you through lengthy coding and design sessions, of course. Get your headphones ready!

(Image credit: Corey Blaz3)

Get Into The Flow Link

Positive psychology describes flow as the mental state when you get fully immersed in what you’re doing, feeling energized, focused, and involved. These playlists will tickle your brain to help you reach that much sought-after state.

Design Vibes Link

Curated by Sherzod Max | 564 songs | 58h 37min | Listen on Spotify64

No words to distract you, only steady vibes.

Design Vibes Playlist5
(Listen on Spotify64)

Hardstyle Playlist Link

Curated by Jesse Stoots | 755 songs | 56h 56min | Listen on Spotify97

Q-Base, Defqon, and Qlimax. Beats that help you get into the flow.

Hardstyle Playlist8
(Listen on Spotify97)

Brain Food Link

Curated by Spotify | 139 songs | 9h 39min | Listen on Spotify1210

Low-key electronic to stimulate your brain.

Brain Food Playlist11
(Listen on Spotify1210)

Soundtrack to the Film Blade Runner Link

Artist: Vangelis | 12 songs | 57min | Listen on Spotify1513

Classical compositions meet synthesizers. Melodic.

Blade Runner Playlist14
(Listen on Spotify1513)

Soundtrack to the Film Drive Link

Curated by Servaas Vehmeijer | 31 songs | 2h 30min | Listen on Spotify1816

A small but fine list. Get into the flow with some electronic beats, work your way through and get to the epic, musical-like finale.

Drive Movie Soundtrack17
(Listen on Spotify1816)

Design & Build Link

Curated by Manik Rathee | 225 songs | 16h 06min | Listen on Spotify2119

This one won’t get boring. Sometimes full of energy, sometimes calm.

Design And Build Playlist20
(Listen on Spotify2119)

Coding And Crushing It Link

Curated by Noel Tock | 127 songs | 8h 38min | Listen on Spotify2422

Orchestra meets film music.

Coding And Crushing It Playlist23
(Listen on Spotify2422)

Soundtrack to the Film TRON: Legacy Link

Artist: Daft Punk | 22 songs | 58min | Listen on Spotify2725

A mix of electronic music and 70s-inspired sci-fi sounds.

TRON Movie Soundtrack26
(Listen on Spotify2725)

Soundtrack to the Film The Big Short Link

Artist: Nicholas Britell | 23 songs | 38min | Listen on Spotify3028

A surprising mix — sometimes energetic and upbeat with a bit of 70’s funk, sometimes darker and moody.

The Big Short Movie Soundtrack29
(Listen on Spotify3028)

Hyperspatial Detours Link

Artist: Café Del Mar | 7 songs | 21min | Listen on Spotify3331

Chillout music from the famous Café Del Mar.

Hyperspatial Detours Playlist32
(Listen on Spotify3331)

Stay Focused Link

Staying focused over a long period of time can be hard. The following playlists cater for some background music without being too obtrusive.

Futurebeats Link

Curated by Kyle Hovey | 2,908 songs | 207h 11min | Listen on Spotify3634

Experimental and electronic beat music.

Futurebeats Playlist35
(Listen on Spotify3634)

Deep Focus Link

Curated by Spotify | 112 songs | 8h 29min | Listen on Spotify3937

Atmospheric rock to stay calm and concentrated.

Deep Focus Playlist38
(Listen on Spotify3937)

Reading Soundtrack Link

Curated by Spotify Sweden | 66 songs | 4h 09min | Listen on Spotify4240

Instrumental film music.

Reading Soundtrack41
(Listen on Spotify4240)

4AM Comedown Link

Curated by Spotify UK | 50 songs | 3h 43min | Listen on Spotify4543

Chilled out dance.

4AM Comedown Playlist44
(Listen on Spotify4543)

Bring Me To Sleep Link

Curated by Quoc Nguyen | 10 songs | 31min | Listen on Soundcloud4846

Well, it shouldn’t bring you to sleep, but sometimes peaceful sounds from piano, violins, and guitar might be just what you need.

Bring Me To Sleep Playlist47
(Listen on Soundcloud4846)

Soundtrack For Study Link

Curated by Filtr Canada | 76 songs | 3h 36min | Listen on Spotify5149

Movie hits to help you focus and concentrate.

Soundtrack For Study50
(Listen on Spotify5149)

Acoustic Covers Link

Curated by Spotify | 118 songs | 7h 01min | Listen on Spotify5452

Words can be distracting when you need to focus on a task. So how about some acoustic covers?

Acoustic Covers Playlist53
(Listen on Spotify5452)

Soundtrack to the Film Interstellar Link

Artist: Hans Zimmer | 16 songs | 1h 11min | Listen on Spotify5755

Interstellar Movie Soundtrack56
(Listen on Spotify5755)

Stress-Free Classicals Link

Curated by Can Artuc | 49 songs | 3h 36min | Listen on Spotify6058

Classic, calm piano and orchestra pieces. Satie, Händel, Chopin, Schubert, and more.

Stress-Free Classicals Playlist59
(Listen on Spotify6058)

Chill Out Music Link

Curated by Spotify | 90 songs | 6h 35min | Listen on Spotify6361

Relaxing tunes.

Chill Out Music Playlist62
(Listen on Spotify6361)

Spa Treatment Link

Curated by Spotify | 84 songs | 6h 10min | Listen on Spotify6664

Pleasant background music that doesn’t distract.

Spa Treatment Playlist65
(Listen on Spotify6664)

Intense Studying Link

Curated by Spotify | 100 songs | 13h 46min | Listen on Spotify6967

Mostly classical music to help you concentrate.

Intense Studying Playlist68
(Listen on Spotify6967)

Boost Your Energy Link

The day has already been long and you need a little energy booster? How about one of these?

Liquid Drum & Bass Link

Curated by Björn Zuithoff | 8,959 songs | 847h 52min | Listen on Spotify7270

A huge Liquid Drum & Bass playlist to keep you fueled with energy.

Liquid Drum And Bass Playlist71
(Listen on Spotify7270)

Coding & Designing 0.3 Link

Curated by Ross Dalaire | 27 songs | 1h 59min | Listen on Spotify7773

Electronic beats to push you forward. If you like the playlist, also make sure to check out Coding & Designing 0.274 and Coding & Designing 0.175.

Coding And Designing Playlist76
(Listen on Spotify7773)

Soundtrack to the Film Pacific Rim Link

Artist: Ramin Djawadi | 26 songs | 1h 1min | Listen on Spotify8078

You’re on a quest to conquer this weird browser bug? This is your march music.

Pacific Rim Movie Soundtrack79
(Listen on Spotify8078)

Rock Hard Link

Curated by Spotify | 101 songs | 6h 19min | Listen on Spotify8381

The title says it all. If you like it loud, this one’s for you.

Rock Hard Playlist82
(Listen on Spotify8381)

Punk Essentials Link

Curated by Spotify France | 77 songs | 4h 03min | Listen on Spotify8684

The best of punk rock.

Punk Essentials Playlist85
(Listen on Spotify8684)

Starred Link

Curated by Julian Norton | 29 songs | 1h 58min | Listen on Spotify8987

A good mix to re-load your battery.

Starred Playlist88
(Listen on Spotify8987)

Walking Like A Badass Link

Curated by Spotify UK | 60 songs | 2h 56min | Listen on Spotify9290

Rocking riffs and pounding drums.

Walking Like A Badass Playlist91
(Listen on Spotify9290)

Kesä2016 Link

Curated by Annukka Leppänen | 43 songs | 2h 26min | Listen on Spotify9593

“Kesä” means summer in Finish, and this playlist certainly brings you in a good mood with dancehall, hip hop, and reggae.

Kesä Playlist94
(Listen on Spotify9593)

What do you usually listen to when doing coding and design work? Let us know in the comments below!

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Web Development Reading List #159: Code Splitting, A New Bundler, And Blake2x

Today, too many websites are still inaccessible. In our new book Inclusive Design Patterns, we explore how to craft flexible front-end design patterns and make future-proof and accessible interfaces without extra effort. Hardcover, 312 pages. Get the book now →


  • Firefox 50 was released this week1. The new version comes with support for the once option for Event Listeners, the referrerpolicy attribute and a fix for dashed and dotted borders. On the other hand, box-sizing: padding-box was removed. The upcoming version, Firefox 512, which is currently in beta, will introduce a couple of changes, too: <img> with empty src will now fire an error event and JavaScript will be blocked if it’s served with a wrong MIME type. Furthermore, the non-standard Web Payments API will be removed, Accept header for XHR will be simplified, and SHA-1 certificates issued by public CA will no longer be accepted.

Tools & Workflow Link

Security Link

  • blake2x6 is a new hashing function that is even better than blake2. It does not only allow hashes of any arbitrary size but also has a key derivation function and a deterministic random bit generator.
  • What to do if a third party causes your site to throw mixed content warnings? Thanks to the upgrade-insecure-requests headers you can fix your site by applying the header via your Content Security Policy7.

Mixed content warning8
Troy Hunt explains how you can fix a mixed content problem caused by a third party9. (Image credit: Troy Hunt10)

JavaScript Link

CSS/Sass Link

Indigogo’s messed up print layout14
Aaron Gustafson’s tweet about Indigogo’s messed up print layout15 reminded Manuel Matuzovic that print style sheets are still a thing16. (Image credit: Aaron Gustafson17)

Work & Life Link

  • Do you have a plan for your hiring interviews? The people at GitLab certainly have, and they share it with the public: Read their Hiring Guide18 to get some useful advice on writing job ads, handling rejections, and conducting interviews.
  • Garann Means quit the web industry about two years ago. Now she shares what that really meant to her19, why she did it, and why it’s important that we think very carefully about it before we take this step for real. It’s easy to joke about leaving the industry, but the consequences are real and might differ a lot from what we expect.
  • Theo Nicolaou wrote about web development and pressure20. Even if we don’t read articles every day, work on side-projects all the time, or contribute to open-source projects regularly, the web will still be here tomorrow, and we can still help to move it forward and make an impact. We need to remind ourselves that sometimes it’s okay to just do something different, to relax or go out with friends.
  • “You Are Not Paid to Write Code21.” Tyler Treat wrote about our job as developers and why we introduce the possibility of failure into a system every time we write code or introduce third-party services. Our job is to find solutions that (if possible) don’t require a new system and to keep out everything else from a codebase unless it’s really necessary.

And with that, I’ll close for this week. If you like what I write each week, please support me with a donation22 or share this resource with other people. You can learn more about the costs of the project here23. It’s available via email, RSS and online.

— Anselm

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